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    Old National Road
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Brief Presentation

Orfanidis SA Constructions Company with over 50 years of uninterrupted presence in the field of industrial buildings and metal constructions carries out the study, planning and construction of large industrial projects in Greece and abroad with responsibility and easily versatile innovative ideas combined with a long experience in every aspect of the constructions industry.

Why choose us

Dynamic attitude, innovation and key flexibility
Combining the experience of over 5 decades with the innovations that appear every day in the field, we design your projects with a dynamic attitude and key flexibility.

Top functionality of each construction
Our primary objective is the top functionality of each construction in order to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

Full compliance with specifications
We design and execute each project with strict adherence to regulations and compliance with applicable standards and specifications.

Responsibility & adherence to the timeframe set
We know that schedules & timeframes are of the utmost importance to our customers and meeting them is a strict priority.

  • Highly specialized
  • Experienced
  • Attention
    to detail

Projects throughout Greece and abroad

Industrial constructions are highly complex and demanding projects and Orfanidis SA Constructions Company responds to the challenges by perfectly orchestrating every factor from the study and planning to the execution of the project with the necessary technical equipment and in full compliance with the specifications.

Adopting a dynamic model of excellent cooperation relations, Orfanidis SA Constructions Company has an extensive clientele with leading companies in every industry.

Working closely to our customers, hearing carefully their ideas and designing tailormade proposals, we have achieved to establish long-term fruitful bonds with them coming back to us for every new project arising.

Sidenor SA (Steel Production), SOVEL SA (Steel Production), STOMANA SA (Steel Production – BULGARIA), TIKUN OLAM SA (Medical Cannabis), ISOMAT SA (Sealing Materials), EXPOPEL (Furs), IDECO (Anti-Mosquito Systems), MILKPLAN SA (Livestock Equipment), ZACHAROEIDI THRAKIS SA (Food), Alterra SA (Food), MARKOU MEAT CO LTD (Food-CYPRUS), Haitoglou SA (Food), AFOI Sextou SA (Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale), Arvanitis SA (Cheese ), A. Hatzopoulos SA (Packaging), Crystal SA (commercial refrigerators and freezers).