• 10 km of the Thessaloniki-Kilkis
    Old National Road
    Neohorouda, ZIP Code 57008

Adopting a dynamic model of excellent cooperation relations, Orfanidis SA Constructions Company has an extensive clientele with leading companies in every industry.

Working closely to our customers, hearing carefully their ideas and designing tailormade proposals, we have achieved to establish long-term fruitful bonds with them coming back to us for every new project arising.

Sidenor SA (Steel Production), SOVEL SA (Steel Production), STOMANA SA (Steel Production – BULGARIA), TIKUN OLAM SA (Medical Cannabis), ISOMAT SA (Sealing Materials), EXPOPEL (Furs), IDECO (Anti-Mosquito Systems), MILKPLAN SA (Livestock Equipment), ZACHAROEIDI THRAKIS SA (Food), Alterra SA (Food), MARKOU MEAT CO LTD (Food-CYPRUS), Haitoglou SA (Food), AFOI Sextou SA (Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale), Arvanitis SA (Cheese ), A. Hatzopoulos SA (Packaging), Crystal SA (commercial refrigerators and freezers).